Because They Can; Judicial Corruption

Corruption and deception within the judicial system remain unchallenged if the public is not watching. Listening to people share their case, frustrations, and knowledge of judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and local attorneys is needed on a large scale by the public.  Judges and prosecutors are shielded by absolute immunity. Most citizens are unfamiliar with the corruption that exists within their local jurisdiction. We the people are seen as a commodity for the for-profit prison system. Due process becomes a failure when corrupt prosecutors and judges are not held accountable. 

During elections little is known about attorneys and Judges running for election or reelection. It’s a secret environment; yet it holds vast power over those in their jurisdiction with no accountability for itself.  

Absolute immunity enabled the system to be manipulated into an unaccountable corrupt entity. How can “we the people” undo years of corruption and unaccountability?  

For one thing, media reports what it gets from law enforcement and the prosecution. We have learned through wrongful convictions that were later overturned; the original articles were false! Misconduct occurred either through law enforcement, the prosecutor, the judge or all three.

We need to put an end to absolute immunity now! There should be no immunity for those in positions of power who with intent decide to abuse that position of power.  

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