Absolute Immunity: Mass Incarceration Nation 

The Supreme Court held that absolute immunity protects prosecutors who knowingly used false testimony and suppressed evidence in a murder trial. Following the high Court’s lead, the lower courts  granted absolute immunity to prosecutors who have falsified evidence, coerced witnesses, and known but failed to disclose police misconduct. 

With the stroke of a pen, boom, our constitutional rights were violated. A prosecutor can deceive a jury to throw whomever they choose into prison or to death row. A jury can be intentionally misled by a prosecutor to achieve a win. Unconstitutional is legal. 

Corruption to gain a prosecutorial win is the law of the land. What was the Supreme Court smoking is a fair question to their madness in this decision. The lower courts immediately followed the madness. 

The USA is not the land of the free. Absolute immunity has put everyone in a harmful and frightening position. Prosecutors can intentionally provide false information to incarcerate anyone at any time with no consequences for their actions. The media will play along by putting forth the prosecutor’s viewpoint to the public. The public is not well informed about the judicial system until someone they know experiences the system. I became knowledgeable while living in Hernando County, Florida. Cheating for a win is valued over human life and freedom. I witnessed it in action!

That brings me to the Florida former prosecutor, now judge Lisa Herndon, whose career depended on absolute immunity. Who knows the number of skeletons in her closet. It is outrageous to live in a society where corruption for career advancement is legal. The so-called legal system is beyond corrupt in the performance of their duties, where is Congress? Missing In Action (MIA).  

Legislation by Congress is required to overturn this Supreme Court decision: just a few lines in a bill to reinforce congressional intent in a way that the judiciary cannot distort it is what’s needed NOW!

Where are our elected officials? Absolute Immunity continues to reinforce mass incarceration nation, no one is safe. WAKE UP! 

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