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About Dolores Peers

Dolores R. Peers is a co-host of the show; “Around The World With Brandy And Dee,” a former volunteer at KRTD Media. Ms. Peers grew up on Long Island, New York. Her father and many relatives were/are members of the pressmans union, AFL-CIO. Dolores served in the US Coast Guard for 12 years, retired with a disability; Post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST), she continues to receive care through the Veterans Administration (VA). Her healing journey led to learning Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master. While serving in the US Coast Guard as a yeoman, one of her tours was in the Coast Guard Investigations Office. She witnessed investigative work conducted after interrogations, something that was at odds with what she witnessed while living in Florida. That led to advocating for wrongful convictions. The for profit private prison system and their investors control the system. The foreclosure epidemic started while Ms. Peers lived in Florida. Dolores witnessed the corruption that exists with corporations controlling the judicial system and legislative body. Florida’s robo-docket sped cases through the judicial system negatively affecting homeowners and their rights. The banks, shell companies, real estate industry, and investors continue to benefit from legal corruption. Dolores is an advocate for many issues; social justice, environmental justice, animal rights, human rights, medicare for all; red berets, and economic justice; MMT. Dolores currently resides in New York with her daughter and furry family member.

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Thedacare Suit and Wisconsin’s #RightToWork Laws.

Alaska Supreme Court and #RankChoiceVoting

M&M and #ChildSlaveLabor and #FairTrade

#JusticeBreyer of the SCOTUS is Retiring

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Democracy Hangs In The Balance

Bob Hennelly, Author “Stuck Nation—Can the United States Change Course on Our History of Choosing Profits Over People?” joins hosts @50linesonly & @joefirestonephd at 9pm EST/6pm PST. via @YouTube