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Crime Against Humanity; Brooksville, Florida | by Dolores Peers | Feb, 2022 | Medium

As we now enter the 15th year, silence continues; The former Law firm of Brown and Aulls must have been in on the railroading of an innocent client. How does one work on a legal case without…
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Corruption In The Age Of Mass Incarceration

Public awareness of our judicial system is needed in the age of mass incarceration. During election season, not much information is shared with the …

Corruption In The Age Of Mass Incarceration


Judges and prosecutors have a protective shield blocking accountability for their actions or inactions in each case. Most professions have some form of accountability, yet our judges and prosecutors have none. 

How can a just system be possible with absolute immunity? 

The Supreme Court held that absolute immunity protects prosecutors who knowingly used false testimony and suppressed evidence in a murder trial. Courts have granted absolute immunity to prosecutors who have falsified evidence, coerced witnesses, and known but failed to disclose police misconduct. 

It is ironic and sad to think the judicial system that holds citizens accountable for their actions is not held accountable. 

The leader of the free world has the highest rate of incarceration. Could absolute immunity be a factor? 

The United States saw an increase in incarceration as the for-profit prison system took hold in the USA. The system requires 90% full bed capacity. The criminal justice system can easily help the prisons meet their requirements without being held accountable for railroading citizens through the system. Absolute Immunity in the wrong hands is toxic and deadly. 

Leave on vacation go back on probation. People travel to and from the State of Florida at a higher rate than most States. Florida’s legislature, attorneys, and judicial system use this knowledge to their benefit. Florida does not have a state income tax, so cha -Ching! It is a racket with “we the people” as the product for profit. The more tickets, arrests, and incarcerations, the higher the profits. 

I witnessed corruption in the justice system while living in Hernando County, FL. I was personally warned against “vigilante justice.” The local  system was put together just the way they “like it.” Hernando County, Florida does not welcome; “Yankee vigilante justice.” Generational families control the system, therefore the constitution can be tossed aside. Visiting the courthouse to witness the judicial system in real time is not what the local government wants its citizens to do. Listening to people share their case, frustrations, and offer thoughts on the situation tended to rattle the system.  

I was horrified by what I personally witnessed, and the protective shield held over the system. Absolute immunity enabled the system to be manipulated into an unaccountable, corrupt entity with the power to unjustly harm lives for a win.  

There is no system of justice or fairness, if absolute immunity is held legally to corrupt the judicial system.