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Justice and fairness were banished as absolute immunity crept its way into the Judicial System along with the for-profit prison system.

The Supreme Court held that absolute immunity protects prosecutors who knowingly used false testimony and suppressed evidence in a murder trial. Following the high Court’s lead, the lower courts granted absolute immunity to prosecutors who have falsified evidence, coerced witnesses, and known but failed to disclose police misconduct.

So here we are sitting prey to a system that has the power to incarcerate innocent people without any consequences for their actions. Anyone, anywhere, can fall victim to police and prosecutor misconduct. Prisons are filled with people who took a plea deal even though they were innocent but feared a long sentence if taken to trial. The prosecutor can lie, cheat, coerce, choose from a list of evils to destroy a life for a win and walk away with immunity. How is that constitutional?

I witnessed evil firsthand in Brooksville, Florida. In 2007, then prosecutor, Ms. Lisa Herndon’s behavior was on display as she proceeded to prosecute cases with no evidence of a crime. The judge bowed to her every whim, which amounted to the scales of justice leaned in her favor.

Ms. Herndon did not perform investigative work. The proof was displayed in her outright ignorance of facts and lack of care. What is illegal, was permitted in Hernando County, FL. Detectives did not follow interrogation procedures; investigative work did not follow every interrogation. Therefore, fraudulent non-investigated tapes were submitted to the prosecution. Ms. Herndon did not further investigate, she further edited tapes for her benefit, the presiding judge authorized it.

What I saw in 2007 was a corrupt tape that was put together by detectives who lacked knowledge of facts and history. The tape was edited to make it appear a person admitted to a crime. It is obvious this behavior was ongoing between the detectives and the prosecutor; the judge could have been involved as well. No physical or DNA evidence was required. Historical timelines did not need to be accurate. The facts were not needed. The outright corruption and lack of care was horrific.

Ms. Lisa Herndon was later appointed to the judgeship by former Governor Rick Scott after she railroaded countless citizens into the for-profit prison system. Human lives were incarcerated without proof of a crime, lacked investigative work, and no physical or DNA evidence. A high conviction rate was all that mattered.

Why would a defense attorney take money to represent a client while knowing the unscrupulous behavior of the prosecution? The defense attorneys Jimmy Brown and Ashley Aulls of Brooksville, Florida did just that. The only conclusion that can be reached is the defense attorneys were involved in the railroading of clients while collecting money.

There is no Justice System when it is run like a sporting event for a prosecutor conviction rate score. Guilt or innocence does not matter. Human life is used as a commodity by prosecutors for a high conviction rate.

It is a big club, and we are not in it. To witness such utter all-around evil is something no one should ever fall victim to or witness, yet it is common all over the USA.

With the stroke of a pen, the Supreme Court allowed evil to prevail.

Crime Against Humanity; Brooksville, Florida | by Dolores Peers | Feb, 2022 | Medium

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Absolute Immunity: Mass Incarceration Nation 

The Supreme Court held that absolute immunity protects prosecutors who knowingly used false testimony and suppressed evidence in a murder trial. Following the high Court’s lead, the lower courts  granted absolute immunity to prosecutors who have falsified evidence, coerced witnesses, and known but failed to disclose police misconduct. 

With the stroke of a pen, boom, our constitutional rights were violated. A prosecutor can deceive a jury to throw whomever they choose into prison or to death row. A jury can be intentionally misled by a prosecutor to achieve a win. Unconstitutional is legal. 

Corruption to gain a prosecutorial win is the law of the land. What was the Supreme Court smoking is a fair question to their madness in this decision. The lower courts immediately followed the madness. 

The USA is not the land of the free. Absolute immunity has put everyone in a harmful and frightening position. Prosecutors can intentionally provide false information to incarcerate anyone at any time with no consequences for their actions. The media will play along by putting forth the prosecutor’s viewpoint to the public. The public is not well informed about the judicial system until someone they know experiences the system. I became knowledgeable while living in Hernando County, Florida. Cheating for a win is valued over human life and freedom. I witnessed it in action!

That brings me to the Florida former prosecutor, now judge Lisa Herndon, whose career depended on absolute immunity. Who knows the number of skeletons in her closet. It is outrageous to live in a society where corruption for career advancement is legal. The so-called legal system is beyond corrupt in the performance of their duties, where is Congress? Missing In Action (MIA).  

Legislation by Congress is required to overturn this Supreme Court decision: just a few lines in a bill to reinforce congressional intent in a way that the judiciary cannot distort it is what’s needed NOW!

Where are our elected officials? Absolute Immunity continues to reinforce mass incarceration nation, no one is safe. WAKE UP! 


Brooksville, FL

A sick joke was obviously played; the attorneys could care less about the client and those privy to the case, just hand over the money.

Once upon a time in the town of Brooksville, Florida there was a law firm located on a tree lined street walking distance to the Courthouse. The law firm consisted of attorneys that formed a partnership claiming to aggressively represent their clients.

The law firm was known as, “The Law Firm of Brown and Aulls.” The attorneys are no longer partners. They are aware of the extreme level of dissatisfaction and hurt felt by their former client, his family, and friends. Just showing up for pre-trial hearings do not equate to full representation of a client. Their former client sat in the Hernando County for-profit Correctional Facility for close to two years while being ignored by the paid for law firm. The mystery as to how attorneys could claim to work on a client’s case without communicating with the client and those privy to his case remains an unsolved mystery. A sick joke was obviously played; the attorneys could care less about the client and those privy to the case, just hand over the money.

The client was being charged with a felony crime that carried a maximum sentence of life in prison. It was all based on a corrupt tape that was not further investigated. The tape was edited by the detectives and later by the prosecutor. The final straw was that it did not coincide with documented and well-known history. There was no evidence or DNA evidence just a corrupt tape written and directed by detectives of the Hernando County Sheriffs Department. A stranger on the internet called them with a story which amounted to hearsay.

Hearsay motivated the detectives to write a faulty script to railroad a local citizen into the for-profit prison system. Further, editing the tape and putting a finishing touch was an added clinch to the corruption. The behavior showed that this act occurred regularly and was acceptable.

The great mystery continues as to why the Law Firm of Brown and Aulls took the case. The only conclusion one could reach is they were in on the railroading and laughed as they were being paid. Since they refuse to release the client file, spent close to two years ignoring the client and those privy to the case, being in on the railroading seems to be a logical conclusion.

The attorneys were responsible for overseeing the work performed by their employees. Paralegals work under the direction and supervision of the attorneys. Was an employee responsible for the railroading? We do not know because there is no communication. If an employee was lazy and just went along with the tape, the attorneys would be at fault, therefore negligent.

Its transparent that the prosecutor and detectives had an ongoing scheme that involved creating a tape that made it appear citizens were voluntarily admitting to a crime. This behavior was permitted. The tape did not have to match a person’s life or history. It’s infuriating that hired defense attorneys either went along with railroading or never checked their employees work.

The defense attorneys took money in a sum that amounts to grand larceny charges for a service not rendered. Complaints were not further investigated, just take the money, and run.

The time spent in the local correctional facility is billed as a lien on the inmate’s property. Fifty dollars a day adds up! The total lien on the property is much higher than the value of the property. The total time from the arrest until sentencing was 33 months. What happened to this law-abiding citizen can easily happen to anyone when you are dealing with cold-blooded detectives and prosecution whose motivation is railroading citizens.

What could be the reason for railroading citizens? One reason is to fill beds in the for-profit prison system. Another could be the influx of Yankees that were moving into the area with some generational families being uncomfortable. The citizens of Brooksville, Florida had their traditions and Yankees were moving in challenging their way of life. For generations, the Ku Klux Klan openly met on the steps of the Courthouse. I, as citizens before me, was warned against vigilante Justice. Generational families control the system and have it just the way they like it.

When hired defense attorneys refuse to work a case with the client and those privy to the case, justice is denied. The prosecution is further empowered to continue their destructive behavior if no one challenges it or report it to some higher authority.

The Hernando County Bar Association seems to turn a blind eye to local corruption. Prosecutors can lie to juries for a win. The criminal justice system should not be considered a sporting event. Human lives are affected by an attorneys’ behavior and schemes for a win.

Judges are party to the local schemes and corruption. When the judge acts as a yes person for the prosecution and prevents the public defender the ability to provide an adequate defense, justice is not served.

Once the public defender was assigned, within 6 months a trial occurred. The prosecutor showed absolutely no interest in the case because she had a corrupt tape to sell. Even though the tape did not coincide with documented and known history, the prosecutor was able to lie to a jury for a win. A case with no evidence or DNA evidence was twisted by a corrupt system, concluding with taking away a law-abiding citizen’s freedom.

Welcome to Hernando County, Florida, where injustice is legal.

Corruption In The Age Of Mass Incarceration

Public awareness of our judicial system is needed in the age of mass incarceration. During election season, not much information is shared with the …

Corruption In The Age Of Mass Incarceration

Corruption In The Age Of Mass Incarceration

Public awareness of our judicial system is needed in the age of mass incarceration. During election season, not much information is shared with the public about candidates running for judge or district attorney. The courthouse is a government entity that should be held accountable to the public.  

For many years I lived in Hernando County, Florida. I became aware of the corruption that lurks within the walls of the Courthouse of Brooksville, Florida. One horror story after the other with details hidden from the public. The local media reports come from the angle of the prosecution. I witnessed courtroom events, communicated with people about their cases, and heard from residents that lived in the area for generations. The system is a mess because generational families have established a local system to be just the way they like it. 

There was a prosecutor that is now a judge who at her time as a prosecutor railroaded cases through the system for a win. I know this because I saw first hand cases proceeding from pre-trial to trial.  A corrupt tape was all that was needed to railroad any case and detectives dutifully provided it to the prosecution.

I became familiar with the interrogation procedure while stationed in the Coast Guard investigations office as a yeoman. The special agents always performed investigative work after an interrogation to verify information attained through the interrogation. Hernando County detectives skipped that particularly crucial step after their interrogations. The detectives were permitted to edit the interrogation tape prior to sending it to the prosecutor. The prosecutor was able to further edit the tape prior to trial. The prosecutor is given absolute immunity, therefore, not accountable for railroading citizens into the prison system. How this remains legal is mind boggling.  

Knowing this prosecutor now sits on the bench as a judge is infuriating. The prosecutor’s role is to hold those who commit crime accountable, not anyone and everyone, whether a crime is committed or not.

Further, in a case I was familiar with, the created tape clearly showed that it did not coincide with documented history, yet that fact did not matter. A jury was fed false information from the prosecution and that is permissible by law. Sadly, many people sit on juries with a belief that the case they are hearing was fully investigated.  

The detectives and the prosecutor appeared to have a sick relationship based on railroading citizens into the for-profit prison system never considering the people they were setting up have loved ones, families, and friends. Absolute immunity is responsible for corrupt entities to harm who knows how many lives for a win. 

It is horrifying to think the sense of entitlement held by detectives and prosecutors who intentionally fabricate evidence and sell it to a jury. The media reports this falsehood as if it were true. We are aware of cases where wrongful convictions were later overturned that the original media accounts were false. A person was slandered, and freedom taken away because the prosecution wanted a win.  

How is it possible to fix a corrupt system that is put together just the way they like it?  

A system so corrupt from within that guilt or innocence no longer matter, is so far removed from any semblance of a real justice system. The for-profit prisons require 90 percent full bed capacity. Each day as the corrupt freely engages in life, there are many whose life was harmed for a win. I saw first hand a corrupt prosecutor freely engage in corrupt behavior that concluded with a life sentence in one case and thirty years in another. The price paid for not accepting her plea deal. A corrupt tape with no evidence was all that was needed to destroy a life. The governor later appointed this corrupt prosecutor to the judgeship. It’s a sick world we live in where the corrupt are rewarded for their destructive behavior and given the title; The Honorable Judge.


Judges and prosecutors have a protective shield blocking accountability for their actions or inactions in each case. Most professions have some form of accountability, yet our judges and prosecutors have none. 

How can a just system be possible with absolute immunity? 

The Supreme Court held that absolute immunity protects prosecutors who knowingly used false testimony and suppressed evidence in a murder trial. Courts have granted absolute immunity to prosecutors who have falsified evidence, coerced witnesses, and known but failed to disclose police misconduct. 

It is ironic and sad to think the judicial system that holds citizens accountable for their actions is not held accountable. 

The leader of the free world has the highest rate of incarceration. Could absolute immunity be a factor? 

The United States saw an increase in incarceration as the for-profit prison system took hold in the USA. The system requires 90% full bed capacity. The criminal justice system can easily help the prisons meet their requirements without being held accountable for railroading citizens through the system. Absolute Immunity in the wrong hands is toxic and deadly. 

Leave on vacation go back on probation. People travel to and from the State of Florida at a higher rate than most States. Florida’s legislature, attorneys, and judicial system use this knowledge to their benefit. Florida does not have a state income tax, so cha -Ching! It is a racket with “we the people” as the product for profit. The more tickets, arrests, and incarcerations, the higher the profits. 

I witnessed corruption in the justice system while living in Hernando County, FL. I was personally warned against “vigilante justice.” The local  system was put together just the way they “like it.” Hernando County, Florida does not welcome; “Yankee vigilante justice.” Generational families control the system, therefore the constitution can be tossed aside. Visiting the courthouse to witness the judicial system in real time is not what the local government wants its citizens to do. Listening to people share their case, frustrations, and offer thoughts on the situation tended to rattle the system.  

I was horrified by what I personally witnessed, and the protective shield held over the system. Absolute immunity enabled the system to be manipulated into an unaccountable, corrupt entity with the power to unjustly harm lives for a win.  

There is no system of justice or fairness, if absolute immunity is held legally to corrupt the judicial system.